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When the Wars are Over

The Iraq War is essentially over for us in terms of having combat troops in-country.  Advisors and technical support remains, but we are not sending troops into harm's way anymore.  Many of those who served in Iraq, though, have also served in Afghanistan, are currently there, or will be in the near future.  But with President Obama's secret trip to Kabul on the anniversary of the killing of Osam bin Laden, we now know that the Afghan War also has an end in sight for our combat forces. 

This will of course be good news on many fronts.  The troops will be coming home. They will no longer be subject to the injury and deaths that combat engenders.  The economy will be affected positively as a result.  More money will be able to be spent at home on infrastructure repair, education, and many other things.  This should be a real boost for the struggling economy. 

There is one thing that we must keep at the center of our attention, that must not be shunted aside just because the wars are technically over and the troops are back home.  That is that our returning troops and veterans will need us now more than ever.  We will have to continue to fund veterans programs at the highest levels possible in order to avoid the problems that Vietnam era veterans encountered after their war.

Our wounded warriors will require years of rehabilitation in our VA facilities.  Those wounded psychologically will still need the counseling and support systems that will help them get back on their feet, regain their confidence, and restart their lives.  Veterans' families will still need the services of the VA to help in their recovery.  Veterans will need the GI Bill to be available to them so that they can gain the educational backgrounds and further technical skills that will make it possible for them to find and to keep good jobs. 

Their sacrifices are not over when the shooting wars stop.  The service that they have done in our name and for all of us, whether we agreed with the wars or not, deserves our respect and our thanks in the form of our full and complete support for veterans programs.  We at the ask you to continue your support for those who for whatever reason find themselves lost, falling through the cracks, and becoming homeless.  Our commitment to them is for as long as it is needed.  Please continue to join us and to help us in all of these efforts.

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